“Given limited resources and rapid change within our organization, only opvizor VMware health analyzer provides an all-in-one, turn-key, easy to use solution that maintains our VMware infrastructure at its peak.”

Bruce Turnbull
Sr. Systems  Administrator

The Linde Group,

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Health Analyzer

System Healthcheck for VMware vSphere

  • Instant vSphere fixes
  • High level security
  • Low footprint / SaaS

Speed up your vSphere environment

Health Analyzer analyses configuration, performance, log, and event data to keep your system running like its brand new.

Secure your vSphere environment

Health Analyzer finds and fixes security vulnerabilities according to vSphere Hardening Guides and other best practices.

Free resources on your vSphere environment

Fix your vSphere environment

Get expert assistance

Health Analyzer emails you orphaned snapshots, wasted memory and disk resources, and vMotion activities, daily.

Health Analyzer provides fixes, or gives you video or command line options — no searching through Google or manuals.

Health Analyzer gives you answers from our dedicated community of VMware experts in minutes - no textbooks, forums, or searching.


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