Start managing your VMware vSphere environment from anywhere in the world with any device, OpBot connects Slack/Rocket.Chat to vSphere. Simple, Secure, Reliable.

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annual, per instance (vApp) subscription license, that runs in your environment hosting OpBot

Even the greatest hero doesn´t start with all abilities and power. Same here, OpBot starts with vital analytic functions, but there is so much more to come... stay tuned


OPBOT - Connect VMware vSphere, Slack or Rocket.Chat

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Quick Installation Guide

Integrate OpBot into Slack (Get Slack API token for vApp import)

Add to Slack

Download, Import and Configure OpBot virtual Appliance (register above)

Run Help in the Slack Chat - @opbot help


VM Config

Filter your VMs using wildcards, cluster or ESXi hosts and get information about the virtual and physical hardware configuration

VM Load

Get ESXi and Virtual Machine CPU and Memory Load as well as disk usage information.

VM Snapshots

Check instantly for existing Snapshots, creation date and comments.


  • No VPN
  • No RDP Session
  • No Mobile Hotspot
  • Any Device
  • Any Place
  • async commands
  • Audit log in the chat
  • Avoid annoying bandwidth issues using remote desktops or VMware Web client
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"OpBot gives instant access to information about the infrastructure when you need it the most and provide resolution to issues faster than ever before."

Alan Renouf,
VMware Senior Product Line Manager

"OpBot is a beautiful example of how to integrate with Slack to have a modern way of interfacing with your SDDC. Love it!"

Luc Dekens,
VMware vExpert (8 times), Book author and PowerCLI Mastermind