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Integrations for Hypervisor, Storage systems, OS and applications - complete list

For every IT environment, you need a easy yet powerful monitoring solution to provide visibility into the performance and health of your entire VMware cloud stack.

Using Performance Analyzer, you´ll experience an end-to-end monitoring of your VMware infrastructure that is quick, beautiful and just works. Deploy the vApp, provide your vCenter connection details, and we automatically discover your VMware environment and instantly begin monitoring. 

Performance Analyzer monitors out of the box:

  • Virtual Machines: CPU Usage, CPU Ready, CPU Co-Stopping / Memory Usage, Ballooning and Swapping Details / Disk Throughput, Disk Latency, Disk IOps, Disk Capacity / Network Throughput / Overall Health Status / Snapshot Details ...more. Check for your Top consumer on you Cluster, ESXi Host or Datastore.
  • ESXi Host (Hypervisor): Detailed CPU and CPU Core Metrics / in-depth Memory usage / NUMA Usage and issues / VMkernel Latency details / Disk Throughput, Disk Latency, Disk IOps, Disk Capacity / Network Throughput, Dropped Packets. Top Consumer, Capacity Planning and more
  • Datastores: Throughput, IOps, Latency details for each datastore, host and adapter. Overall Capacity and Snapshot size details on each of your VMFS or NFS datastores. Capacity planning to predict resource shortage.
  • Networks & Network Interfaces: VMnic Throughput, Packet count rates and Packet Drop rates / Health-Status of Virtual Networks / Network compass to optimize networking traffic
  • Clusters: Cluster-wide resource utilization, Top consumer for all important metrics and capacity planning including custom redundancy and fail rates.

Use the power of Performance Analyzer to monitor and analyze your entire VMware cloud platform using a single virtual system. In addition to your VMware infrastructure, Performance Analyzer supports detailed views into the performance the guest OS (Microsoft Windows, Linux) and its applications and services. You can easily add and track your SQL Server.

Monitor the health & performance of your storage systems as well; Performance Analyzer currently supports NetApp, DataCore out of the box. SNMP add-on allows to monitor other storage systems as well like EMC, HP, Dell, PureStorage, IBM, Huawei, and more. The SNMP add-on also works for Cisco, Juniper, HP, Extreme Networks, Dell, Palo Alto Networks, Brocade, F5, Citrix Netscaler, and others.