The opvizor solution - Snapwatcher Enterprise Edition

Check & Manage your VMware VM Snapshots in minutes!

Catch your VM snapshots before they catch YOU!

Monitor VMware snapshots across VMware vCenter systems and report your efforts saving space.
Track snapshots, find invalid snapshots - leverage the powerful grid to handle hundreds of snapshots smooth and simple.
Free precious disk space wasted by fixing broken, old and invalid snapshots with a click.

Reduce time & money spent maintaining your VMware

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System Requirements

  • Windows Installer 4.5
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 
  • VMware vCenter 4.1 or higher

Invalid or broken snapshots are caused by all kind of actions the system admin has no control of i. e. backup solutions that trigger the snapshot creation and deletion. If VMware struggles to delete the snapshot files an invalid snapshot is made. This kind of snapshots are known to be hard to detect and tend to grow hidden to waste precious disk space.

Our goal: Even the meanest, hidden invalid or broken snapshot can be removed using Snapwatcher

some further information:

Enterprise Edition Features

  • Delete VM snapshots in a central console
  • Fix broken and inconsistent snapshots with our patent pending technology
  • Ignore certain VM snapshots
  • Track your VMware snapshot history

"Excellent product for admin and vSphere users to manage VM snapshot. Manage storage, manage snapshots -> go snapwatcher"

Jadhav Yuvraj,
Process Operation Specialist

"Using Snapwatcher has really opened my eyes to finding and fixing broken snapshots within my environment"

Nigel Hickey, Systems Engineer

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